Hunting Info

2013-09-11 14.52.24Hunting Season:

We conduct hunting safaris throughout the year, however we recommend the months of April to October and for Bow hunting August and September. Each hunt is planned in detail to suit the personal requirements of the hunter and non hunting observers.

What to bring:

As temperatures can very considerably ,it is advisable to bring a warm jacket for early mornings and evenings as well as a light waterproof windbreaker.A number of layers of light clothing which can be shed or added to as the temperature changes. Cotton in neutral and khaki colours are best . Three changes of loose clothing ,two pairs of well worn soft tennis type shoes or well worn ankle high boots. A wide brimmed hat or peeked cap with neckflap is a must .Any special medicines or dietary requirements , personal items , cameras , film binoculars and torches should also brought along.

Passport , Visas and Health Requirements:

Tommy's SableSouth Africa
Valid passports with at least another 3 months validity are required . Temporary tourist visa is issued at the airport of arrival, without cost. Customs and immigration will issue you with temporary import and export permit for your firearms at no charge at the port of entry . It”s important to keep the permit until the day of departure for your check in for your flight back home.

Malaria o
nly in the Eastern part of the country ,(Northern Province/ Mpumalanga , Kwazulu Natal), during the wet season there is a risk of contracting Malaria.The hunting season is usually during the dry part of the year.In all other Provinces in South Africa (North West , Free State , East Cape , West Cape , Northern Cape and Gauteng ) there is no Malaria risk at all .In the hunting areas where there is a risk of Malaria, the hunting camps provide the necessary mosquito nets, mosquito sprays etc. It is always advisable to take your own insect repellents . Restless Africa Safari can not be held responsible.

How to get here?

South Africa is served by daily flights on numerous airlines from all over the world.Daily direct flights to Johannesburg and Cape Town from New York, Atlanta, London, Zurich and Frankfurt.

IMG_0543Hunting area

FREE STATE: in the central part of the country, offers the open grass plains with big herds of Black wildebeest, Springbuck, Gemsbuck, Red hartebeest, Blesbuck and Eland.

NORTHERN PROVINCE AND NORTH WEST PROVINCE: are in Big Five countryLion, Leopard, Buffalo, Rhino and Elephant, known for their bushveld and savanna vegetation.The trophy quality for antelope like the Greater Kudu, Impala, Blue Wildebeest, Waterbuck, Giraffe etc .is outstanding in these areas.

KWAZULU NATAL: in the South East is the land of Chaka Zulu. Due to the subtropical climate, these areas are lush in vegetation,thick bush and riverine jungle offer good habitat to more secretive animals like the Nyala,Red Duiker ,Suni , and Bushbuck.Zulu Land and Natal is also Big Five country with incredible mountain ranges,The Drakensberg ,rolling hills and coastal forests and wetlands.

EASTEN CAPE:we have concessions very diverse in scenery ,terrain,topography and altitude consisting of coastland ,mountains ,wide savanna plains ,forest , grasslands and incredible wild bush country.The animal population is one of the highest in the country.Good trophy quality of East Cape Kudu,Cape Mountain Zebra,Black-White and Common Springbok,Red Hartebeest ,Steenbuck ,Red Lechwe ,Cape Bushbuck.

WESTERN CAPE:has a Mediterranean climate and most of the land is used for agricultural purposes.Fortunately some nature reserves and land have kept the indigenous vegetation of the fynbos and renosterbos(rhinobush),that only occurs in this part of the world.Cape Eland,Black Wildebeest Red Hartebeest,Bontebuck,Springbuck and Vaal Rhebuck- The trophy quality is of outstanding standard.

No effort is spared to obtain the finest possible trophies for you and make your hunt the experience of a lifetime!!

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