Rifle Hunt

Your hunt starts the moment we collect you from the Johannesburg Int airport, and ceases only once you are safely on your way back home, having experienced a rewarding hunting experience with Restless Africa Safari.

We have over 29 antelope species alone, from the smallest Blue Duiker to the massive Cape Eland, besides that you can hunt desirable species like the Giraffe, Zebra, Warthog, Hippo, Cheetah, Hyena and many other smaller mammals like Civets, Lynx, Genets, Mongoose, Jackals, Baboons and Monkeys.South Africa is the only country where a complete BIG Five hunt can be undertaken:Elephant, Rhino, Lion, Leopard and Buffalo. We will move to where ever necessary depending on TAG availability and natural habitat. Our plains game hunts are also an experience of a life time.

The hunter will be accompanied at all times by a qualified and licensed professional hunter. Well trained camp staff,including trackers, skinners, cooks and general camp assistants are always at hand. We endeavor to cater to all our clients personal needs to ensure a memorable Africa experience. All trophies are prepared by skinners under careful supervision. The mounting of trophies can be arranged by professional taxidermists who, with expert craftsmanship will rekindle your African memories in your tropy room or you can have it dipped, packed and shipped to your own taxidermist in your country.

Green hunts are offered to the individual, Rhino, Elephant etc… with prior agreement.

Information pertaining to the imporation of fire-arms.

A .375H&H Magnum with a reliable scope and quick detachable scopemounts is ideal for the one – gun hunter and is the minimum calibre for dangerous big game. 100 rounds of 270 grain softnose and 50 monolithic 300 grain solids should see you through 14 days of safari. For plains game a medium calibre from .270 through to .30-06 or any of the .300 magnums scoped and sighted to 200 yards is adequate.If birdshooting is intended a 12 bore shotgun with shells is recommended.You will also need an ammopouch or belt. Rifles and shotguns are available for hire at reasonable rates.
In determining whether an animal is wounded or not the decision of the professional hunter upon evidence thereof will be final and binding to the payments for the animal.

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